Fall / Winter 2021 collection

Frederick Anderson

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Fall 2021
Tue - Feb 16, 2021 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm EDT

Fall 2021 collection "Rebirth"

I dreamed of living in NYC from the time I was 15 spending summers in NYC to study dance at Joffrey Ballet. It's not just a dream, it's a way of life. A journey and life commitment. Its my soul and inspiration. It exists in every dance move I made, every song I sang on Broadway and now every garment I design in my collection. Just as I have had many rebirths so will the city I love.

Frederick Anderson Fall / Winter 2021 collection

Fall / Winter 2021 collection Collection

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Denim mini dress

Hand Crochet sweater

Hand crochet V-neck dress

Hand Crochet Maxi dress

Hand crochet Maxi cardigan over crochet dress

  • New York sweatshirt

    Tweed with netting and leather trim sweatshirt

  • Denim Dress

    Denim mini dress. 17"

  • Hand crochet sweater

    Hand crochet grey and black sweater. Alpaca wool

  • Hand crochet V-neck dress

    Burgundy and black hand crochet dress with v-neck. Alpaca wool

  • Hand crochet Maxi cowl neck multi-color dress

    Hand crochet multi color knit Maxi dress. Ankle length

  • Hand crochet Dress with ruffle detail

    Hand crochet dress in black 19" length. Alpaca / Mohair

  • Hand crochet Maxi cardigan

    Hand crochet maxi cardigan. Multi color or black. Alpaca wool

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