Gita Omri Spring Summer 2024 Marriage Is Wonderland

Marriage is Wonderland: Gita Omri Spring 2024

Gita Omri

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Fri - Sep 08, 2023 1:00 pm EDT

With a theme that explored the intricate dynamics of relationships, Gita Omri's Spring 2024 collection fused 70s disco glam and 80s pop, intricately crafted trompe l'oeil detailing, and a stunning array of design elements, including button as pattern detailing, color blocking, metallic print florals, “halfsies” dresses, and shimmering sequins. The color palette, ranging from sultry navy and enigmatic black to sophisticated grey and a full spectrum of pinks, added depth and emotion to each carefully curated ensemble.
Held at Wonderland Dreams, an immersive exhibit where Alice's Adventures were brought to life through bold installations that played with our perspective of art and reality. The fusion of Omri's enchanting fashion collection with the surreal backdrop of Wonderland Dreams created a truly magical atmosphere, where love and creativity intertwined seamlessly. The fashion world eagerly awaits Omri's next masterpiece, certain that it will continue to push boundaries and redefine the art of fashion.

Marriage is Wonderland: Gita Omri Spring 2024 Collection

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