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Marina Moscone Spring Summer 2021

Marina Moscone

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Tue - Sep 15, 2020 10:30 am - 10:45 am EDT

The Marina Moscone Spring 2021 collection emerges from the designer’s observations of women in New York City over the past months. Moscone felt that the moment called for pragmatic dressing – clothing that’s effortless to wear, but not disposable; luxuriously easy, stripped of artifice, and made to the highest standard. At the core is the idea of an undone t-shirt, seen through the lens of the MM brand. Artistic influences include Marisa Merz, Christopher Rucker, and Pina Bausch. A palette of citrine, pale aqua, and bronze provide the color inspiration behind the collection.

Marina Moscone Marina Moscone Spring Summer 2021

Marina Moscone Spring Summer 2021 Collection

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