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Wed - Feb 14, 2024 12:00 pm EDT

the AW2024 collection by Official Rebrand, traverses a series of spectrums.
Non-binary in both its gender expansive tailoring and its iconography, shift also merges seemingly polar themes: timelessness and trend, utility and frivolity, comfort and formality. By blending dichotomies, the collection aims to amplify self-expression using outward style to signify internal values.
Giving new life to items discarded by various businesses and individuals from around NYC, each garment embodies a unique narrative. From cannabis sale loopholes that resulted in thousands of unwanted T-shirts, to the designer vintage trove from a seamstress’ passed friend, this collection carries histories of New Yorkers. These disparate discarded materials converge at our Ridgewood studio to be revived, before embarking on their next chapter, adorning the bodies of ethically minded individuals across the world.

shift AW24 Collection

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