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Spring 2022
Sun - Sep 12, 2021 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Reborn is Ricardo Seco's Spring/Summer 2022 proposal, a
collection that celebrates life, diversity and the city that binds
us together: New York. Inspired by human resilience and hope,
Ricardo's proposal for S/S '22 is both an expression and a
reflection of the past year and the dreams we have for the future.

Reborn also highlights the designer's 10th year anniversary in
Now York, with the collection marking his 14th appearance in
New York Fashion Week. Proud of his roots, Ricardo's work this
season seeks to celebrate and amplify a message of hope and
respect: Immigrants brighten up NY!

"I never thought I would use this word to name one of my collec-
tions. Nevertheless, all of my collections are a reflection of my
feelings and what I am living, and Reborn is what best describes
this new chapter after the pandemic.

The collection is comprised of separates including pants, blous-
es, Bermuda shorts and T-shirts in materials that vary from cash-
mere to silk, cotton and leather. Inspired by the Glam Rock era
of the late '70s and early 80's with icons like Prince, David
Bowie and Roxy Music in mind; Ricardo's S/S 2022 looks are
filled with metallics and shiny textures in a colorful array of blue,
pink, jacaranda (purple) and orange hues.

For Seco, this collection is a mean to express his energy and
empower the wearer through the certainty of a brighter future
and an motivation to live a Spring/Summer 2022 season with
purpose and in conscience.

As with all of his past works, Ricardo's designs are a reflection
of his multiculturality, mixing the influences of U.S, Mexican and
Latin American culture as well as the way they are assimilated by
immigrants in the country. The streets of Mexico and New York
were both a big influence in the Seco's design process, inspired
by the freedom of expression ever present in both cities.

Every color in the collection has a meaning that adds on to the
overall significance of Reborn: green represents nature, health,
freedom and rebellion; Jacaranda signifies hope, spirituality and
fantasy: pink symbolizes optimism, calm, kindness and spiritual-
ity; blue transmits balance, intelligence and pureness; orange
represents creativity, youth and determination; black is for
modernity, sensuality and strength while white stands for peace
and union, as well as stands as a common ground for Mexico
and New York. All these colors and meanings make way for a
new self: Reborn

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