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Wed - Oct 27, 2021 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm EST

RUI SS22 “In Residence”

The initial bearing space that constitutes our personality, soul, value, and self. For us, home is often reflected in scattered, fragmented yet familiar memories. These memories piece up stories after stories related to time and love.

Splintery observations and episodic feelings for hometown give birth to RUI’s SS22 collection, where all the emotions have encountered, expressing a life that was used to be familiar with, and places where were ordinary but softhearted.

In this new collection, RUI’s color palette is becoming more and more brilliant, and high-saturation colors such as blaze red, seafoam green, cheese yellow are newly used. Hand-made crochet stitch after the cut is composed of small pearls and jade in series with each other, exquisite and meticulous, interpreting a transparent and elegant texture; the custom-made jacquard silk pattern is not only a form of orchids or butterflies but also a diamond pattern reflected on old glass windows; matched with contrasting color in lockstitch techniques at the edge of the mesh, the complex and dense lines reveal a touch of romance and laziness, dancing with a rhythmical tempo of retro nostalgia. Through these different texture details, a romantic artistic language is conveyed, which combines the natural beauty of water, light and shadow, and dust. While reflecting a sense of living and poetry, it creates a place that perhaps no one is sure whether it ever existed.

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