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Sabrina Primelles


OOROME is a Mexico City-based artisanal label. The house’s allure lies in its mystique, draped in the finery of tradition and woven with threads of the past and the pulse of the present.

The collections are a harmonious fusion of ancestral wisdom and modern aesthetics, celebrating the tapestry of family and culture. Capturing the essence of history and mysticism, creating narratives that transcend the ordinary.

OOROME is a love letter to the lineage that came before us, a perpetual ode to the everlasting dialogue of identity and interconnectedness.

Eliazar at Pedal Loom
Tradition, Craftsmanship, and Ethical Sanctity

Transcending Boundaries

Holding a deep reverence for the allure of the exceptional, OOROME curates distinctive textiles, selecting from antiquity, artisans, and trusted manufacturers. Curating limited-edition pieces, ensuring only a handful of garments are crafted from each textile, rendering our creative journey an eternal quest for the extraordinary. The house works closely with indigenous communities, meticulously crafting exceptional textiles, each thread a vessel of intergenerational pedal loom mastery. A world where ethics and sustainability are woven into the soul of every piece, a world where each creation reverberates with conscience. Remaining the embodiment of an elegantly mysterious saga, where threads of tradition, craftsmanship, and ethical sanctity intertwine in harmonious allure. OOROME transcends boundaries, reshaping norms through androgynous designs—a canvas for self-expression where narratives intertwine, craftsmanship resonates, and identities find harmony amidst a world of whispering threads.


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