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Love Knows No Borders, FW 2024


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Bridal October 2023
Tue - Oct 10, 2023 10:00 am EDT

This season the fall 2024 collection is titled: "Love Knows No Borders: Scorcesa Weaves the Haitian Diaspora Together." This collection not only captures the essence of love and beauty but also serves as a profound call to action and unity.

As a brand deeply connected to Haiti, the birthplace of its founder, Charles Dieujuste, Scorcesa recognizes the current challenges faced by the nation. Haiti has been grappling with political instability, natural disasters, and socioeconomic issues.

In the wake of New York Bridal Week, I was deeply moved by the collective strength and resilience showcased by the Haitian diaspora. This event illuminated the power of unity and the rich cultural tapestry that binds the Haitian people, both in their homeland and scattered across the globe. I am deeply privileged to pay homage to their remarkable spirit through my new collection, which is shot in Little Haiti, Brooklyn, highlighting the incredible veteran entrepreneurs from the Haitian community.

As we celebrate the joy of love and matrimony, we cannot turn a blind eye to the challenges faced by Haiti today. The people of Haiti are confronted with political turmoil, economic hardship, and the aftermath of natural disasters. It is critical that those of us in the diaspora, who have been granted opportunities and privileges, come together as a force for change.

We believe that mere fundraisers are not enough. What Haiti needs is a comprehensive and lasting transformation that addresses the root causes of its struggles. Together, we must exert pressure on our governments and ourselves to act responsibly and make right by Haiti. It is our collective responsibility to restore Haiti's inherent riches and set it on a trajectory of greatness once again.

Brides have always used their wedding dresses to make powerful statements, reflecting their values and aspirations. With our new collection, we invite you to join us in making a resounding statement of solidarity and support. Each gown embodies the dignity and empathy we owe to those in need. By supporting, you become an ambassador for change, amplifying the voices of the Haitian people and demanding that they be heard.

Let us unite beyond borders and extend our unwavering support to Haiti. Together, we can create meaningful and lasting change.

Thank you for being part of this transformative journey. With love and a shared commitment to making a difference,

Charles Dieujuste

Love Knows No Borders, FW 2024 Collection

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