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Silvia Tcherassi

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Mon - Feb 12, 2024 12:00 pm EDT

Women in perpetual motion: The leading characters within an urban stage, going about their days at the speed of sound with purpose and poise–the idea substantiated Silvia Tcherassi’s Fall 2024 collection. An exploration of elongated silhouettes constructed with a rich assemblage of materials and textiles, her latest work celebrates the innate confidence these women possess.

There is an inherent defying quality, a daringness to the concept of verticality that piqued Tcherassi’s interest and materialized through imposing shapes reminiscent of a city’s landscape. Much like cosmopolitan surroundings, where surprise and excitement linger in every corner, awaiting to be revealed, these pieces are also meant to be discovered by its own wearer.

While the color range is fundamentally autumnal, it simultaneously incorporates elements that bring an eager energy: Together, the dark and the incandescent project a special kind of optimism and light. As movement became a central theme and a connecting thread among the garments, the fall, weight and cut of the fabrics were carried out in a way that enhanced–but did not alter–the silhouettes. Sequins over silk, delicate fabrics emboldened through threading and painted denim further attest to the brand’s renowned exploratory spirit.

A collection that places women at the epicenter of cities, it envisions streets as metaphorical runways where garments serve as armor and self-expression.

Silvia Tcherassi Fall 2024

Fall 2024 Collection

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