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Pre-Spring 2025

Silvia Tcherassi

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Wed - Jun 05, 2024 12:00 pm EDT

Sculptural, yet minimalistic formations by way of knotting, draping and intentionally-placed cuts meet expression through the use of color in Pre-Spring 2025, a foray rich in textile exploration and high-skilled craftsmanship. “Color–or the absence of it– is a visual language and to examine it under the lens of fashion is always appealing to me” shared Silvia Tcherassi, “the palette in this collection, ranging from ivory to graphite, contrasted with bright hues, is especially powerful and I wanted to fully take advantage of it by implementing innovative techniques in the handling of the fabrics.” This season, the jersey has an almost architectural fall, while the pieces in cotton have been cleverly reworked. Among other highlights are the deconstructed prints that hint at the natural world in an abstract, almost enigmatic way, as well as the prevalent geometric influences in everything from cut to pattern to accessories.

Pre-Spring 2025 Collection

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