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Tue - Jun 06, 2023 12:00 pm EDT

The Resort 2024 collection explores new ways of storytelling yet maintains an undeniably Tcherassi essence. After visiting a recent exhibit of vintage posters at the Center for Italian Modern Art in New York City, the Mid-Century visuals spoke volumes to the designer at the same time in which she found herself opening her boutique in Capri.

Like the posters themselves, there are various layers to the pieces which present unexpected, yet balanced juxtapositions that work in ways similar to how bold typography complements the color gradients in the vintage advertisements. The materials are inclined towards a more tactile approach, including tridimensional embroidery that creates a bubble effect on quilted fabrics, while an interplay of soft silks with delicate fringe detailing heighten exposed shoulders and the artful draping featured in dresses and blazers create sophisticated silhouettes that embody Tcherassi’s signature effortless elegance. Movement was an intrinsic notion to the collection, and it can be contemplated in the soft yet dramatic fall of the silk or the lively eco-leather fringes on some of the creations. Side cut-outs, clean lines and geometrical accents further mimic the play between shapes and fonts.

In the past, Silvia, who has Italian heritage and uses Italian fabrics in all of her collections, has been inspired by the works of Gio Ponti or the casual luxury intrinsic to Forte dei Marmi—even the island of Capri itself. This time she opted to celebrate her relationship with the country from a different angle. “After taking a downturn in the 40’s, Italian design undergoes a renewal and consequently, a resurgence. Without renouncing those classical elements that are so closely tied to the aesthetic, it nonetheless explores a more modern and optimistic route, one I strongly identify with and gravitate towards,” shares Tcherassi

Silvia Tcherassi Resort 2024

Resort 2024 Collection

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