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Thu - Mar 18, 2021 11:00 am - 11:35 am EDT

It was a winter hike in upstate New York, in a seemingly neutral-colored tree forest, where I began to see the wide variety of mosses and the range of green colors popping out in front of me—from mint, dark green, an almost neon lime- that sent me back on this path of research on the intelligence of plants.

In her book Gathering Moss, Robin Wall Kimmerer writes “We think we are seeing when we have only scratched the surface…has the power of our devices led us to distrust our unaided eyes or have we become dismissive of what takes no technology, but only time and patience to perceive.” In her poetic words, I began to “see the world through moss-colored glasses” as I put together this collection, Plants as People.

There is also a strong element of Y2K nostalgia in these looks, from sari blouse sweetheart necklines, brightly colored velvet, low-rise leggings, shisha-work updated with fringe beading and done on cotton jersey. Several different stretch, knit or ribbed fabrics are used, but with detailing, beading, tie-dye, clamp-dye, faux-layering, or color-blocking elements. Reversible coats made with a zebra-patterned embroidered quilting technique have a custom indigo-dyed jacquard on one side and velvet on the other.

I designed an upcycled and versatile “sari set”, a long dress, drawstring-waist ruffle pants, and a set of pouches, that can all be cut from one vintage sari. Each reconstructed set will be unique and will utilize the natural borders and pallu (embellished end) of the sari. An original Moon Bubble print I created from my watercolor drawings, fine seed beading done in a multicolor webbed pattern on silk organza, and a butterfly eyelet embroidery with open-work (reminiscent of my early aughts high school era Delia’s tees) all bring together this sort of mystical, wistful, colorful, and idyllic world where we are one with a timeless version of ourselves.

It fascinated me to learn of an emerging discipline called “vegetal consciousness” which is basically the idea that plants don’t just learn, make choices, and remember, they also have some inner awareness, even emotional life. We share over 50% of our genetics with a maple tree. The carbon dioxide we exhale is made into sugar within seconds by the tree, and thus we are one organism, completely intertwined. We know that plants are intelligent, they make sophisticated decisions, are sensitive, they make sound, and even listen and react to sound—what if we consider them as persons?

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