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Christopher John Rogers

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Tue - Jun 07, 2022 7:00 pm EDT

This 10th collection serves as an homage to Christopher's love of making clothes -- an investigation of his obsession with creating work that resides in a liminal space between an elevated bygone glamour and forward-looking pragmatism.

There's a sense of curiosity and play present in these looks, while also being demonstrative about highlighting the continued evolution of the work and a level of nuanced sophistication that's always been at the core of the clothes.

While there isn't a theme this season, shadows of 'the pierrot', 'the Southern prep', and a certain declarative elegance present in previous collections hover over this body of work, and lend support to the self-awareness, childlike insouciance, and seasoned sense of confidence that the customers alchemize while getting dressed.

Collection 010 Collection

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