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Balance, Chapter Two

Halfpenny London

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Bridal October 2023
Tue - Oct 10, 2023 10:00 am EDT

If Balance, Chapter One was about striving for equilibrium, Chapter Two is about understanding and embracing that one can rarely achieve it.

During her quest for Balance, designer Kate Halfpenny allowed herself to be swept up in extreme moments of calm and chaos as the pendulum inevitably swung back and forth. In Chapter Two, serenity and order is personified in crisp tailoring, structure, and graphic lines, while chaos is playfully revealed in decadent, 3d floral accents, exaggerated volume, and sheer, liquid-like tulles which flow like water. Throughout the design process, Kate found that when pairing those opposing elements together, rather than cancelling each other out, the combination of the two extremes became greater than the sum of its parts. This alchemy inspired a magical collection to challenge and delight a new generation of Halfpenny London brides.

Halfpenny London Balance, Chapter Two

Balance, Chapter Two Collection

Cascade Veil

Evalie Skirt

Lexie Dress

Molly Top

Secchi Harness

Dandelion Sleeves

Lumi Dress

Reflection Sleeves

Josephine Straps

Molly Dress

Lumi Sleeves

Dandelion Shrug

Dandelion Bag

Dandelion Flower belt

Dottee Dress

Secchi Dress

Pearl Straps

Reminiscent of a waterfall, the Cascade is a floor length, over the face veil made using the softest tulle. Pair with any of our gowns for a romantic look, or add drama to one of our mini’s.

Meters of Mikado burst from the waist of the Evalie skirt to create this dramatic shape. An exaggerated frilled hem and contrasting waistband make this a fresh take on a classic silhouette.

Shown with the Molly Top.

A masterclass in tailoring, the Lexi works with the strengths of the Mikado fabric to retain its structure, making the lines of this mini, double-breasted blazer dress beautifully crisp.

A simple, yet beautifully constructed, square-neck bodice allows the double layer statement sleeves to be the focal point of the Molly top. Each sleeve features a double layer of gathered Mikado contracted with silk organza, a delicious juxtaposition of structure and softness.

Shown with the Evalie Skirt.

A delicious satin harness embellished with handmade silk organza flowers. Wear over any of our base dresses or pair with other pieces in the collection for a unique look.

Shown with the Secchi Dress.

Hand cut silk organza petals create a feather-like effect on these statement Dandelion sleeves. Each sleeve is held on the arm with a secure inner construction and these can be worn with any of our base dresses, or even over the Lexi blazer for a unique look.

Tiny sequins are densely packed in every inch of fabric, giving the Lumi dress an iridescent shimmer. Featuring a lightly curved neckline with subtly pointed tips, the foundations of this dress have been crafted to showcase the female form in all its glory.

Shown with the optional Pearl straps, Josephine Straps, or Lumi sleeves.

These voluminous silk organza sleeves are held up with a secure internal structure, they are gathered at the elbow to bubble at the upper arm for a statement look.

An optional addition to our strapless dresses, these detachable draped sleeves feature a slim crepe strap embellished with Halfpenny London's signature handmade, silk organza flowers. Each flower is completed with a single pearl in the centre, each one a unique size and shape which adds a sumptuously organic feel.

Shown here with the Lumi Dress and Pearl Straps.

The mini, full-circle skirt gives the Molly dress a playful, fun look while the square-neck bodice is so flattering. Beautifully constructed from Mikado fabric, a Halfpenny London favourite, Molly retains its shape and structure, accentuating the waist and giving natural volume to the skirt.

An optional addition to our Lumi dress, these detachable, densely sequinned sleeves feature a contrasting inner lining. Designed to be dramatically long and worn to the fingertips.

Shown with the Lumi dress and the Pearl Straps.

We have used the clever foundation for this jacket in previous collections and it’s the perfect, secure base to add these delicious, hand cut, silk organza petals. Style this plumage-like shrug with a simple dress for a playful look, or with a full skirt for extra drama.

A slouchy mikado pouch is covered in hand-cut, silk organza petals to create the beautiful plumage-like embellishment. The Dandelion bag is perfect for holding all your essentials on your big day.

A beautiful, detachable belt, covered in an abundance of hand-cut, silk organza petals which give a feather-like appearance. Wear this belt with any of our dresses as a beautiful addition.

Styled here with the Lumi Dress and Pearl Straps.

This beautiful taffeta dress is nipped in at the waist to accentuate the dramatic V neckline, gathered at the waistband. The fabric is light, with a subtle sheen.

A curved neckline with lightly pointed tips gives a contemporary twist to the Secchi dress. The foundations of this dress have been crafted to showcase the female form in all its glory and it’s the ultimate dress to showcase your curves. The crêpe fabric pairs beautifully with other pieces in the collection or wear the Secchi on its own for an elegant, standalone look.

An optional addition to our strapless dresses, these detachable draped sleeves feature a single string of freshwater pearls secured to a slim crepe strap. Each pearl has a unique size and shape which adds a sumptuously organic feel.

Shown here with the Lumi Dress, Pearl Straps and Dandelion Belt.

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