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PH5 Fall / Winter 2022 Collection

Fall 2022
Tue - Feb 15, 2022 10:30 am - 11:00 am EDT

"Stay on Earth"
The Fall/Winter 2022 PH5 collection was conceptualized during recent times in which the news was flooded with dubitable excitement around rich tycoons launching into space, and their desire to explore alternative options for human survival as the climate crisis worsens.

Time spent developing the new collection felt as though we were oscillating between two different worlds: one where so many are actively incorporating more holistic means of living and improving the ways we treat our planet; the other so wrapped up in being the crusader of a new frontier yet could monumentally change the course of our fate on Earth. Rather than using their resources for advancement of Climate Action for all of us they’re playing spaceman for the joy of few. We pondered if we could bring the wonder and excitement of space travel back down to Earth? Perhaps this would inspire more to look after the magical and inspiring places we have already discovered — and yet to uncover.

Taking cues from the pop cultures portrayals of space, the visual interpretations that informed the collection came from the retro-futuristic portrayals in movies and sci-fi book illustrations. This Hollywood take on space travel and life in the greater galaxy provided PH5 the lens in which we reinterpreted our signature wavy design and challenged the limits of our technically-advanced knitwear. A 3D bubble group introduces volume inspired by bulbous astro-suits and the idea of floating in space, while also referencing the extra-terrestrial like spaces of the deep sea we have yet to fully explore. These playful shapes help to balance out the best-selling body-con silhouettes, which feature a galactic gradient treatment this season. Beyond the more sculptural silhouettes, color set the stage with a departure from last seasons vibrant hues in favor of cooler secondary hues, mixed with black and neutral shades — far from subdued yet pushing past the whimsical vernacular we’ve established in previous collections.

While we cannot sway those who are blasting themselves into space, perhaps we can take a little stye inspiration from a galaxy far far away while finding ways to rediscover the beauty of staying on Earth.

PH5 Fall / Winter 2022 Collection Collection

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