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Tue - Sep 12, 2023 12:00 pm EDT

Several thoughts, notes, and facts about water:

Water is ancient and new all at once. In the same way, we are made up of ancient particles, yet we are constantly renewed every day.

The ocean holds all of the elements within it; in fact each element contains all five elements within them. Imagine the entire world, held in one drop of water; an infinite universe contained within you.

The Blue Mind Theory is science’s answer to why being by a body of water has such a positive impact on our mind, body, and nervous system. The meditative state we can so easily fall into while floating, swimming, gets an official explanation.

The current of life is continuous, though it may appear stagnant at times, it’s continuously flowing.

This collection contains memories from different places and times from throughout my life, it’s like a little ocean of memories.

Styling inspiration comes from my completely out there version of a ‘euro girl summer’. A palette of Ionian Blue, Honeydew, Ivory, Bubble-tape Pink and Mango combined with all shades of purple and lilac come from all of summer’s most saturated memories and fruits. An ombré gingham print is a visual impression from a psychedelic dream beneath the eyelids. Y2K crochet 3D butterflies adorn a bucket bag and a knit crop top, and a seashell eyelet lace embroidered cotton is a symbol of infinity.

In a flowing river, when water laps up against stone and crashes into it, the water never breaks on impact. Our spirits are the same- unbreakable. Let ‘Water’ forever be a reminder of this.

WATER Collection

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