H. Lane | Fall 2021

Nashville Fashion Week

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Mon - Oct 11, 2021 9:00 am - 9:30 am EST

H. Lane is an eco-friendly brand that is completely hand-made and seamless. Involving no sewing to create the pieces, Each H. Lane piece features vintage accent material personally selected from Paris, but handmade in the heart of Nashville. Start to finish, the piece is created with raw organic materials using an ancient textile technique from Europe. Each piece is uniquely one of a kind, and will last decades. Inspired by timeless feminine lines and styles that stand-out, H. Lane is perfect for the modern classic women’s wardrobe who needs a piece that is “A bit of Paris, and a bit of Nashville”.

Nashville Fashion Week H. Lane | Fall 2021

H. Lane | Fall 2021 Collection

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Gold Net Bolero Jacket - Handmade from wool roving, organic cotton, and gold netting

Le Petite Parisian Crop Top- Hand felted Australian wool lining with organic cotton lace, silk buttons and collar details

Bourdonnais Avenue Lace Coat – Lined with a silk organza and light wool, with a solid organic cotton lace

Wensleydale Living Fur Vest- Handmade, seamless vest with European wensleydale curly wool locks accents

The Broadway Motto Bolero – One of a kind seamless lightweight felt textile, with vintage beaded material details hand selected from Paris, France

The French Vest – plant based organically dyed black wool lining, and a white cotton lace textile. Chinched oversized shoulder details

Marbled Wrap - Eco-friendly, organic raw fiber wool, and silk organza wrap

The Dolly Jacket- Organic silk organza and wool lining, a cotton lace detail with cotton fringe and golden trimmings

The Dahlia Jacket – lightweight seamless felted bolero, featuring 1950’s vintage sequined fabric hand selected from Paris France, and black trimmings

The Schermerhorn coat – Handwoven sequined tulle sweeping coat with lightweight merino wool, and shimmering trimmings

Hailey Frazier

H. Lane Designer Interview

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