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Mon - Oct 11, 2021 9:00 am - 9:30 am EST

Launched in Nashville, Tennessee in 2018, Ken.drama focuses on the career woman who desires to look fabulous! Ken.drama pieces translate from weekday to weekend and from season to season. Versatility is important to each design. Ken.drama also is characterized by silhouettes of cultural beauty. Femininity, transparency, color, and contrasting textures is central to Kendra Martin’s inspiration. Intricate draping, pleating, and couture techniques embrace the natural curves of a woman’s body and conceptualize the bold vibrant female spirit.

Nashville Fashion Week Ken.Drama | Fall 2021

Ken.Drama | Fall 2021 Collection

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Emma is wearing the Royal Blue Mesh Asymmetrical Blouse and our Black and White Faux Leather Skirt with exposed zippers that can create slits of any length!

Andrea is in our Medium-Length Libby Chiffon Scarf, which is an original Ken.drama textile print, along with the adjustable Fuchsia Chiffon Dress with side slits layered over The White Neoprene Mini Dress.

Shelby is modeling the hand-illustrated Libby print One-Piece Swimsuit with our Marilena Chiffon Over-Skirt!

Sydney is in the Black and White Color-block Faux Leather Wrap Dress with exposed zipper details. The bodice and skirt unzip at the waist and can also be worn as separates!

Indya is wearing our Mineral Yellow Monochromatic look! The Flare Blouse with Dramatic Sleeves and Tiered Pleated Skirt is paired with our Small Libby Scarf!

Teanna is modeling the Denim Feather Blouse and our Faux Leather Flare Skirt with exposed zippers for optional side slits! All Denim Feathers were made in house!

Elli is modeling our White Denim Jacket with Dramatic Sleeves and detachable Skirt that transforms into a Cropped Jacket. She is wearing the Libby Printed Chiffon Scarf and Bikini Top with our White Denim Feather Mini Skirt underneath. All Denim Feathers were made in house!

Emily is wearing our Royal Blue Chiffon Blouse, which is adjustable at the side seams, matched with our Asymmetrical Chiffon Pleated Skirt. We love a monochromatic moment!

Alex is in the White Crepe Flare Dress with Mineral Yellow Pleated Panels and Skirt Overlays. This Cocktail Dress is paired with The Small Libby Chiffon Scarf!

Brittany is modeling layers of Red and Fuchsia in our Chiffon Robe Dress with Dramatic Sleeves that include our Libby Print! The White Denim Bodice and Long White Denim Feather Skirt with side slits is layered underneath. All Denim Feathers were made in house!

Kendra Martin

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