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OVERCOAT was launched in 2015 by Ryuhei Oomaru based on the theory that the design of a garment should be generated by its underlying structure. OVERCOAT is inspired by the theme “wearing New York”. This idea lead Oomaru to create outerwear for the long winters in New York out of the same materials used in the storefront awnings that inspired him on his walks through New York City. By borrowing from the craft of awning makers and incorporating it into his creations, Oomaru re-contextualizes and morphs the rectangular material into garments. In recent collections, OVERCOAT has continued to create one-of-a-kind clothing pieces as well as pieces for everyday wear. While the ‘art’ pieces are made using awning fabrics such as acrylic and vinyl, the ready to wear pieces are made utilizing Japanese wools and wool blends often used in military and school uniforms.

Upon graduating from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Oomaru joined and worked at Comme des Garcons for several years. After moving to New York, he was head tailor at Donna Karan. In 2008, he founded Oomaru Seisakusho 2, a product development studio which has collaborated with many international creators. All garments of OVERCOAT are designed and engineered at this studio. Oomaru Seisakusho 2 is part of the CFDA Fashion Manufacturing Initiative.

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