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Fall/Winter 2022


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Fall 2022
Fri - Feb 11, 2022 9:00 am - 9:30 am EDT

OVERCOAT Fall Winter 2022
“Winter Air”

For the Fall Winter 2022 collection, OVERCOAT Designer Ryuhei Oomaru updates their classic unisex silhouettes with details inspired by vintage winter sport uniform details. Continuing their exploration of pattern making to create new tailored structures that drape and contour to different shoulder slopes while simultaneously pursuing comfort in the most minimal form. The concept of “winter air” evoking the crisp feeling of being outside while staying warm in tailored looks that at a glance are structured but give away to ease of movement and comfort in their construction.

• The Darted Dolman Sleeve Overcoat with Removable Rib Collar
A variation on their classic Dolman Sleeve coat with a new darting and gusset detail at the shoulder to create space for movement around the shoulder and volume throughout the body. The removable rib collar can be worn down to create a soutein collar, or can be worn up for added warmth.
• The Dolman Sleeve Blouson with Stand Collar
An interpretation of a Motorcycle jacket using the Dolman Sleeve silhouette with elasticated hem on the sides for comfort and fit.
• The Dolman Sleeve Puffer Jacket with Batting
This new take on a puffer jacket minimizes the seams to create a simple and clean silhouette with gathers at the sleeve hem and back creating an overall round shape.
• Track Pant with Batting
This new Track Pant is based on the classic drawstring trouser with one seam. The style has been updated by adding snaps along this seam so that the wearer can either close the snaps for a straight leg silhouette or open them to create a flare. The flat front has an extra layer of light batting for warmth, while the the back is one-layer and has an elasticated waistband for comfort.
• Double Breasted Cardigan Jacket with Notched Collar
The double breasted jacket re-imaged with a more relaxed fit to be worn with the ease of a cardigan. The armhole shape is exaggerated to create space around the shoulder area for wearable ease.
• Dropped Shoulder Top with Hood
The button down wool shirt has been updated with an oversized silhouette and a hood, a classic button down shirt with a new versatile look.
• Dropped Shoulder Overcoat with Shawl Collar
The Dropped Shoulder coat with a relaxed gown like feel with shawl collar and belted waist shown in a beautifully textured velvet print.

The fabrics this season include a double faced beaver wool, technical fabric in rubberized polyester with suede backing, shiny satin nylons, a two-tone Buffalo check wool, a speckled wool melton tweed, sponge wool (a wool woven with elastane to create stretch), mohair, corduroy and printed velvet. The beaver wool is a soft nappy textured wool which is finished with edge binding, a new development in the finishing which takes away the need for hand finished seams while also creating a more modern sporty look. The washable wool shirting used in previous collections is continued.

The key colors this season are navy, brown, purple, heather gray and black with bright pops of electric blue, neon yellow, and bright pink.

Peter Miles Studio Collaboration
Art Director Peter Miles created a handmade anti digital print as a part of an ongoing series and made an edit for OVERCOAT to work with. Since 2021, the prints of Miles’ artwork have been incorporated into OVERCOAT’s collections, and this is the third collaboration, stemmed from years of working on various projects together and Oomaru’s great respect for his work. This season, the prints are seen on textured velvets giving a new dimension to Peter Miles’ work.

Fall/Winter 2022 Collection


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