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Fall 2021

Tanya Taylor

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Fall 2021
Tue - Feb 16, 2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

Fall 2021 is a personal expression of now.

It is inspired by the textures we surround ourselves with at home, materials that inspire and comfort. Traditional interior fabrications are reinvigorated through hand painted paisleys, plaids, tapestry florals and artful knitwear. Tanya was inspired by the artwork of Jeremiah Goodman, an illustrator who painted the living rooms of society's elite including Elsa Schiaparelli and Betsey Bloomingdale. Tanya wanted to feel encompassed by the painted spaces. She brought the magic, comfort and richness of these rooms to life through a color palette of garnet, madder brown, bottle green and rose. Interior design codes – balance, warmth, feeling lived in, polished and styled are translated through the collection with a strong attention to feminine detail and proportion.

We are bringing the inside, out.

Fall 2021 Collection

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Look 2

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Carina Knit F21K654852
Brigitte Skirt F21S395243
Lawrence Jacket F21C093242

Corinna Dress F21D240249

Kenna Top F21T904247
Jemma Pant F21P260211

Kenley Dress F21D241211

Heather Top F21T916253
Sawyer Pant F21P256253

Brea Dress F21D210249

Cady Knit F21K565850
Ander Pant F21P254243

Romi Knit F21K566851
Sutton Dress F21D208246

Odette Knit Dress F21K653852

Elodie Tee F21T889215
Sawyer Pant F21P256253

Talia Jacket F21J143260
Brea Dress F21D210249

Erin Skirt F21S333249
Kyra Knit F21K539845

Elette Dress F21D227255

Odette Knit Dress F21K653852
Cadence Coat F21C092258

Odette Knit Dress F21K653852

Mae Knit F21K578854
Josette Skirt F21S396256

Morgana Knit F21K571855
Brigitte Skirt F21S395243
Carina Knit F21K654852

Rochelle Dress F21D242256

Adri Dress F21D234243

Felicity Knit F21K569856
Candace Knit Skirt F21K570856

Elisa Dress F21D220213

Camryn Top F21T909254
Ander Pant F21P254243

Mae Knit F21K578854
Vira Pant F21K573854

Lida Dress F21D233213
Rianne Knit F21K572854

Viola Dress F21D246264

Martine Jacket F21J154264
Merrick Pant F21P263264
Elodie Tee F21T889215


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