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Spring/Summer 2024


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Wed - Sep 13, 2023 3:00 pm EDT

"Birdseye," pays homage to the lifestyle of late
90s and early 2000s, drawing inspiration from a
bygone era that many were too young to
experience. This collection embraces the gritty
allure of the underworld in a refined manner and
re-imagines iconic styles from neighborhood
entrepreneur business suits to quintessential
street wear staples like utilitarian cargo pants.
Metallic denim rekindles forgotten hip-hop
influences; paying homage to Karl Kani, Girbaud,
Enyce and Evisu, defined by members of New
York’s own caribbean immigrant community.
We’re obligated to put emphasis on the arche-
types from our past that once gave us a distinct
edge and empowerment through use of baggier
silhouettes. Addressing misconceptions within
marginalized communities, we offer a “Birdseye"
view to hallmark innovation within a culture that is
constantly misunderstood. Similar to the view
from an elevated New York City train platform,
WHENSMOKECLEARS® offers metaphoric
insight into the bustling world below. This
collection references luminaries that transcended
from the street life into global fame. "BirdsEye"
expresses our reverence to an era now in ruin,
through the lens of WSC’s brand ethos which
evolved from uncertainty to a state clarity through
sharing our unique perspective.

Whensmokeclears Spring/Summer 2024

Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

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