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Thu - Mar 16, 2023 10:00 am EDT

I’ve always understood the English translation of Sufi poet Rumi’s line “What you seek is seeking you” as a personal mantra, a reminder that turning inward is the key to find everything you need. What you are seeking, desiring, is closer to you than you realize, because it is all within you.

When we live according to this mantra, we trust that our desires are indeed looking for us too– we listen to our intuition, pursue our dreams, and know that what calls us is calling us for a reason.

Moths, these beautiful, strange creatures that exist in such a kaleidoscopic variety of colors, patterns, and textures on this earth, are symbols of intuition and psychic ability. With a combination of simple and complex eyes, moths are extremely sensitive and are able to pick up ultraviolet light that the human eye cannot see; through sensing they gather information from their surroundings to guide themselves through the night.

Moth’s wings can pick up vibration. Some believe that a moth encounter is an omen to listen to your intuition. Silence, spending time in nature, and meditation are all ways to tune up your intuition. I see the moth as a reminder too to look within, to meditate, and to remember that what we seek is already seeking us.

Like a moth to a flame–this English phrase that describes an irresistible attraction, an inescapable allure– can it also be a metaphor for the inevitable connection we have to our inner, indestructible souls, to all of nature?

While ruminating on this and researching the wide variety of moth species, I came up with a moth-covered pattern design printed on silk chiffon and on knit jersey; the colors in this collection each come from a personal memory - a moment in time solidified into a specific hue. Banana yellow, ice blue, online lime, and passiflora purple.

Nostalgic elements come through via cargo pocket detailing on a lehenga-inspired full-circle skirt shape, and 90’s-inspired shiny silver metal zippers with our new abacaxi flower monogram pullers combined with the lush, thick corduroy of my teenage dreams (made with 100% organic regeneratively-grown Indian cotton).

Thong-shaped leg-warmer socks are inspired by the somehow very South Asian necessity of wearing socks with flip-flop sandals, and the luxury of being able to adorn the toes with rings and jewels while covering the legs. Hand-knit arm-warmers and a beaded balaclava are an ode to the accessories I used to knit and embellish in the early 2000’s, but with a big, luxe upgrade in 100% baby alpaca from Peru.

Like a Moth to a Flame FW23 Collection

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