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Fall / Winter 2023

Carolina K

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Wed - Mar 15, 2023 12:00 pm EST

For her Fall/ Winter 2023 collection, Andes, Carolina celebrates working with Latin American communities for the last two decades. Based on the art, music, landscapes and people in Latin and South America, the milestone collection fuses intricate details from the communities she's connected with throughout the years.

The re-emergence of ponchos plays an important role, as they honor carolina's first-ever artisanal collections during her time in the Sacred Valley in Peru; they are complemented by hand-knit wool sweaters made in Uruguay and hats embroidered in Argentina. Gracefully flowing dresses and jumpsuits, jackets adorned with hand appliqué details, and rich quilted coats and vests complete the collection.

The Andes collection echoes the spirit of the brand, a celebration of textiles, admiration for artisans, and the creation of pieces that travel through time.

Fall / Winter 2023 Collection

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