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2019SS <Boyhood Revisited>


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Wed - Jan 01, 2020 12:00 pm - 12:04 pm EDT

BOYHOOD REVISITED 2019ss Traditionally, it is the relative lack of certain qualities in boys that characterize boyhood in relation to adult manhood. The “shaky constitution” of the boys’ bodies are read as unmanly. Despite its bottommost status within hierarchized masculinity, boyhood attracts endless artistic and intellectual explorations because of the particular variety in which it manifests itself. In one sense boys embody masculinity, while in another they do not. While their sex assigns them as male, their sexuality and its embodiment are largely fluid. Existing within this process of identity-development, boyhood, by nature, is multifaceted. For Woo Park, the act of questioning and re-thinking boyhood as a topic lies in the process through which menswear identifies its renewed domain. Menswear design as a tradition is characterized by various strict and ritualized codes. is an attempt at questioning and re-establishing such masculine codes. The collection includes collaboration pieces including designer Kyu Eun Park’s romantic headpieces, Ki Chan Lee’s leather accessories inspired by “poetic utility” and Hye Rim Won’s silver jewelry designs with painterly sensibilities.

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2019SS <Boyhood Revisited> Collection

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