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Tue - Feb 25, 2020 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm EDT

The 2020FW collection of the STOLEN GARMENT, <Boy at the Door> explores the intersection of the everyday and the surreal through the imagery of a boy standing at the door.

As an essential element of our built environment, a door serves to both separate and connect spaces from one another. Thus, a door can be said to be dualistic in nature. <Boy at the Door> delves into this dualistic nature of a door through the similarity it shares with boyhood, a dualistic period of a person’s life.

Many of the garments of the collection are constructed using pleated structures and architectural stitching, reflecting the spatial experience of a door. Another key design element of the collection can be found in the four-colored overlock finishing. Although overlock is rarely used in the STOLEN GARMENT pieces, when used, it is done with four different-colored threads that respond to the key colors of the season.

<Boy at the Door> uses materials that have never been used by the brand previously, including rhinestones, sequins and corduroy. These materials, often associated with the particular aesthetics of middle-aged Korean women, are used in unexpected combinations to present new possibilities for contemporary menswear. The main colors of the season, green, mint, blue, navy and cream were chosen from the ancient palatial gate in Seoul the designer drives by daily on his commute.

Overall, the collection uses oversized silhouettes which reveals arch-shapes as the garment catches air with movement.

The corduroy water-drop backpack of the collection is a collaborative design of the STOLEN GARMENT with KI LEE. Inspired by Janus, the Roman deity of doors and dualism, the backpack is made up of four mirror-image planes that join to form a twisting volume, carrying through the theme of the intersecting space between the everyday and the surreal. The metal hardwares arranged in a face-like formation allow the users to hang various small accessories and

electronic devices.

2020FW <Boy at the Door> Collection

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