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Fall 2021
Mon - Feb 15, 2021 1:30 pm - 1:40 pm EDT

the STOLEN GARMENT 21FW collection <Lost in Translation> was inspired by the designer’s trip to a used bookstore in Seoul with his friends. Browsing the dusty book section of the store, the designer was inspired by the tragic poignancy of each word that made up the titles of these books, most of which were published in 90s.

These words included: Desire, Passion, Devotion, Neophyte, Absolute Love, Delinquent, End of the World, Spirit, Upper Classman, Play Lover, Gust/Wind/Breeze.

He and his friends mixed these words to come up with convincing 90s book titles. This word play was then translated into collages of the used books he bought from the bookstore.

The collection pieces reinterpret the wardrobes as they are represented in the 90s books. The clothes on these pages are marked by their omission and simplification of details, as well as the stylization of their silhouette that fit the narrative and compositional context. (artistic liberty)

the STOLEN GARMENT 2021FW <Lost in Translation>

2021FW <Lost in Translation> Collection

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